Is your heating ready for Winter?

Now is a great time to check that your heating is working as it should be, Don’t leave it until the really bad weather arrives to test your heating!

Always leave your heating on for a few hours so your can test if there are any issues.

If you can see the flame on your boiler, check that it is a crisp blue and not a lazy yellow/orange colour.

Check the pressure gauge to make sure the boiler is topped up as it should be.

Don’t forget to check that all radiators are hot at the top and bottom. They may require bleeding if they have not been used for a while. (CNB Gas and Plumbing Services will do this for you as part of a service at no extra charge).  You may also notice and slight burning smell, this is often the dust burning off the radiators where it has collected over the summer months.

If you haven’t had your boiler serviced now is a good time to do so, regularly servicing your boiler will ensure years of reliable use and may help to avoid expense break downs repair costs.

If you haven’t already got a carbon monoxide detector fitted in your home, now is the time to invest in one. They usually only cost around £20 and could potentially save lives.

Why not book a service now to ensure your heating is ready for Winter. Call us on 0208 249 7516/ 07976 525333 or email us on