Our charges

We offer free, no obligation advice and quotations.

Our rates are completely transparent.

Standard charge (Mon-Fri 8-5pm) – £60 + VAT per hour.

Evening (after 6pm) – £80 + VAT per hour

Saturday charge – £80 + VAT per hour.

Sunday charge – £100 + VAT per hour.

Combi boiler change from £1,300 + VAT  .

Power flushing from £349 + VAT.

Work is usually carried out on an hourly rate, or a fixed price will be given for larger jobs.

All invoices show a full breakdown on how your job has been priced.

For large installation work, we usually ask for the full cost of large item materials up front and then labour is paid in stages against committed stage completion, all set out in our contract.

Payment in advance can be made directly to our business account or cheque is required at the time the work is completed.